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ON PAUSE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Durham County Library has suspended all programming until further notice to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But don't worry because Sub-Genre-O-Rama will be back as soon as we can! We'll definitely repeat affected titles, and there may be other in-the-meantime stuff we can do as well.

Are you a reader who likes your space opera spiked with murder mystery, your romance set in an alternate history, or your family drama laced with magic? Then Sub-Genre-O-Rama is the book club for you!

The Sub-Genre-O-Rama Book Club tackles books that fit niche readerships, books that cross genre lines in interesting or unexpected ways, and books that are just plain weird. To see the full list of books we've read, visit our title list (http://www.meetup.com/Sub-Genre-O-Rama-Book... (http://www.meetup.com/Sub-Genre-O-Rama-Book-Club/pages/Title_Selections/)).

As a program run by the Durham County Library, this event is free and open to the public -- Durham residence not required! Although books selected are held by Durham County Library, we'll do our best to keep an eye out for titles that are also available in nearby public and university libraries.

A note about content: While I (the organizer, Patrick Holt) am in support of the use of trigger warnings to make sure no one is confronted with an upsetting reading experience, unfortunately I don't have the resources to create warnings for these selections. I'm happy to answer what questions I can, and members are also welcome to attend as sporadically as they like because of content or any other reason.

Question or comments? Feel free to message us through Meetup, or call the library at 919-560-8590.

Hope to see you soon!

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Hello there! This month we are discussing FOOD OF THE GODS by Cassandra Khaw. From the publisher: "It’s not unusual to work two jobs in this day and age, but sorcerer and former triad soldier Rupert Wong’s life is more complicated than most. By day, he makes human hors d’oeuvres for a dynasty of ghouls; by night, he pushes pencils for the Ten Chinese Hells. Of course, it never seems to be enough to buy him a new car—or his restless, flesh-eating-ghost girlfriend passage from the reincarnation cycle—until opportunity comes smashing through his window. "In Kuala Lumpur, where deities from a handful of major faiths tip-toe around each other and damned souls number in the millions, it’s important to tread carefully. Now the Dragon King of the South wants to throw Rupert right in it. The ocean god’s daughter and her once-mortal husband have been murdered, leaving a single clue: bloodied feathers from the Greek furies. It’s a clue that could start a war between pantheons, and Rupert’s stuck in the middle. Success promises wealth, power and freedom, and failure... doesn’t." (BTW if you see this book listed as "volume 4", don't worry: it's part of a series of similarly-themed but otherwise unrelated books published by Abbadon.) Durham County Library patrons can place a hold on the book at www.durhamcountylibrary.org or by calling[masked], but everyone is welcome! It can also be found at UNC and Duke.

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