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This isn't a dull information-only series of workshops; each session you'll laugh as much as you learn, as we do fun, entertaining exercises. This lively, interactive workshop series will teach you tools and techniques to achieve your goals — in any area of life. Learn about your "Subconscious Self-image" — and how it affects what you do, every day. Do you know that your subconscious mind will beat willpower almost every time? That your subconscious mind is essentially your gatekeeper of habits, behaviours and self-limiting beliefs that affect your ability to achieve goals, personal change and career ambitions? Do you know your subconscious mind hates change — and it likes to keep you comfortable in the very patterns of behaviours and bad habits that you're trying to change? Now think about those points in the context of dieting, quitting smoking, sticking to a new gym routine, keeping New Year's resolutions — or any goals and desired personal change. Learn how to take control to make your subconscious mind work for you, instead of it working against you. Learn tips and tricks to better harness both your conscious and subconscious minds — clearing bad habits and patterns of behaviour that hamper you from achieving your goals. You will learn about the state of hypnosis, which is a completely natural state similar to daydreaming — but not everything we do will involve hypnosis; you will learn tips and techniques for your conscious mind, too. You will have the opportunity in class (if you chose to participate) to experience hypnotherapy in a group session to help you to control your cravings, boost confidence and esteem, crush bad habits, quiet that nagging negative little voice that often undermines your goals and desires, and more; and techniques to overcome negative self-doubt and false beliefs. I will teach you self-hypnosis skills and how to use it later at home or work — or for a few seconds anywhere! — to reduce stress and anxiety, fight cravings, improve motivation, crush self-doubt and much more.

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Conquer Your Cravings! (Free Workshop)

Ralph Thornton Community Centre

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