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What is Positive Psychology?? PP is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals, organizations and communities to thrive. While traditional psychology has focused on dysfunction and abnormal behavior, positive psychology emphasizes that it is AS important to build on the best things in life as well as repair the worst and that psychology should be as concerned with building human strength as it is with weakness.

Did you know that 40% of your life satisfaction is controllable based upon your thoughts, feelings and actions? It is based only 10% on your life circumstances and about 50% of it is actually genetic. Learn more about positive psychology, the happiness pie and what intentional activities you can adopt to build habits that will increase your overall happiness and well-being. It takes effort and deliberate practice, but we can learn the tools to build and cultivate greater life satisfaction and success. Why be happy?? Because happy people are more successful, earn more money, have more fulfilling relationships and are overall healthier!

Come and join us in learning tools and the science behind building resilience, positive emotion, stronger relationships and well-being. Learn how to build upon your strengths and train your brain for success . Topics include stress reduction, mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, building lasting habits for success, transforming negative relationships, and building a growth mindset. Come and join me on this journey of building self-awareness!!

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