What we're about

Ever get stuck at a red light and wonder who the person in the car next to yours is? What his life's like? What her views are on the world? We live so much of our daily lives in such a small social bubble. How many strangers do you talk to on a daily basis? How often do you make friends of different ages, cultures, races? I started this Meetup with a passion for Philosophy, Psychology, and a love for social interaction. The group is all about talking with and exploring other people's perspectives on life. Currently, we meet at a local suburban coffee shop and get into very interesting discussions.

Some of the topics we've discussed or plan to delve into:
-ethics (abortion, animal rights, death penalty, genetic human engineering, prostitution, robots, surveillance, selfishness vs selflessness)
-psychology (decision making, emotion, famous experiments, gender roles, goals, good and evil, learning and memory, personality, persuasion)

All our welcome to join for polite intellectual discussion. :)


Thomas R.

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