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This meetup is for individuals who to want to grow personally and professionally, set meaningful goals and fulfill their life's potential. We will meet monthly based on the material of Bob Proctor, a foremost thought leader in the world today on the subject of personal and professional achievement, as well as other key thinkers.

The workshops are led by Stephanie Hessler, MBA, a Business and Mindset Coach. A Proctor Gallagher Consultant, she is trained and mentored by Bob Proctor. She's committed to helping people experience and express their greatest success imaginable.

Come to a workshop and experience this powerful information!

To learn more, visit: http://stephaniehessler.thinkingintoresults.com/

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Quantum Leap Intensive (30 min/daily) FREE online training

Ever feel like you don't want another year to go by where you don't reach your goals? In my upcoming Quantum Leap Intensive training, you'll discover how to set and achieve goals so that you never have to ask yourself this question again. Please keep reading if this resonates with you. "It is crucial to have a crystal clear picture of what you want to accomplish," explains Price Pritchett PhD, consultant to Fortune 500 companies. The problem is, most people - even high-achieving people like you - set the wrong kind of goals. They don't imagine themselves making a quantum leap. Instead, they go for what they know they can do, or what they plan to do. During the Quantum Leap Intensive training, you'll learn: =>how to set goals the right way =>the important role your attitude plays in achieving your goals =>how to create a self-image that sets you up for a breakthrough =>how to build faith and get out of your comfort zone =>why you must learn to make decisions promptly Ready to make 2021 the year you finally achieve your goals? Then come join me for Quantum Leap Intensive from February 1st-5th at 12 pm EST in my closed Facebook Group, Success Mindset Series with Stephanie Hessler. And it's FREE! Join here: http://bit.ly/30YnSYj

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