What we're about

Success Circles is a community of empowered individuals who are playing
a big game in life. Our aim for this group is support each other to be highly
effective and have fun without compromising our values.

Success Circles is uniquely designed knowing the challenges most entrepreneurs
and job seekers are facing; staying engaged toward their goals, avoiding distractions,
while not having the structures that a corporate environment might have provided.

At our monthly meetings, you will be exposed to the most cutting-edge performance,
time management and productivity strategies including concepts from David Allen,
Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Julie Morgenstern, Tony Schwartz, Tim Ferriss and Brian

You’ll learn how to be proactive, use effective leveraging and that the key to success
and happiness is not about being a “human doing” machine. We want you to have a
balanced life, working with your personal energy cycles, and have more fun.

Your fundamental quality and experience of time will shift. The Webster’s dictionary
may define time as a measurable period. You’ll personally begin to recognize that
time can be more of an emotion or feeling. By bringing your focus on what counts,
most especially your victories, joy, and gratitude, you’ll find yourself having more time
to do what you love.

You’ll get to the important 20 % that will get you closer to the results that you want,
instead of the 80% busy work that occupies too much time and energy for most people.

Let's Take it to the Max!


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