Astoria, NY

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Apr 29, 2011


Very excited to share with you strategies to get the most results with your time and energy.

Please let us know what products and programs have inspired you on your journey of being highly effective and taking action?

I've spent much of my life since college days looking at ways to streamline and optimize nearly everything I do maximizing on the time I have and continually keeping my energy levels high. I'm a big fan of David Allen, Tony Robbins, Tony Schwartz, Tim Ferriss and many other thought leaders. You can get to know me and my passions further at

What's your biggest stumbling block to being highly effective and having fun?

My main stumbling block have been in creating team all around me. As an engineer, it's very easy to focus on the details. Many people see me as a visionary leader and I've come to realize that focusing on the intricate details can get in the way of fully embracing the big picture and leading the tribe forward.