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This group for singles who are seeking beautiful, lasting, healthy romantic relationship, want to improve their dating and communication skills and learn how to become a magnet for love and happiness.


Setting up personal goals and a love development plan
How to attract ideal partners and divine relationship
How to become successful and attract love abundance into your life
How to recognize self-limiting beliefs and overcome biggest fears
100 days of greatness – a life transformational system to improve you relationships
The secret of happy relationships and success in love
Conflict resolution with your partners and family members
Overcoming the 3 "R"s - resettlement, rejection and regrets
Proven techniques to boost your self-esteem
How to get in-sync with opposite sex
Over 40? Never married-no kids
I want to get married. What do I do wrong?
Healing a broken heart
Finding yourself after divorce
Getting back to dating
Why do we choose the same type of partner over and over again
How not to confuse love with chemistry
How to stay friends with your exes
How to break old patterns
How to attract the type of partner you want
How to turn wounds of the past into your purpose for the future
How to be in sync with the opposite sex?
How to get your partner back
How to handle a triangle
How to move on with your life go from being stuck to being loved

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Secrets of Personal Magnetism

Mercer Island Library Large Meeting Room

Personal magnetism is the ability to attract interest, attention, friendship, success and love. Your degree of magnetism directly influences the people and circumstances in your life. In this workshop, you will learn the secrets of personal magnetic power: - What is Spontaneity and why it is so crucial when it comes to magnetism. - What are the main universal laws of personal energy management. - How to boost your energy battery. - What is Tantra and how you can use it to grow your energy. - How magnetic personality is different from a non-magnetic personality. - What truly is Self Respect. - Energy vs. Desire and Power vs. Approval We will also go over magnetic tools and techniques such as: — Magnetic look — Magnetic manners — Magnetic personal boundaries — Magnetic body language — Magnetic style and image The power of Influence through magnetism is a combination of spontaneity and will power. As people age, they often loose their spontaneity and ability to enjoy life. As a result, they also loose their attractiveness which is directly correlated to spontaneity. Come find out how to increase the level of your spontaneity and how to raise your energy level so you can attract attention as well as grow your personal significance and magnetism. 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM Meet and Greet 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Presentation 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM Q & A

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Mercer Island Library Large Meeting Room

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