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[color=green][b]Meditation[/b], [b]self improvement[/b], [b]stress management[/b] and[b] Self-development!![/b] [/color]

This Meetup group serves a [b]two-fold purpose[/b]: to explore and practice a variety of meditation and stress-relief techniques, including those from my book "Everybody's Meditation Book," and also to offer great personal development topics from my experience as an Ericksonian hypnotist and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner.

Each Meetup will present practical and useful techniques that [b]you'll be able to practice and use right away[/b]. Techniques that will help you find greater focus, handle stress more effortlessly, achieve your goals more easily, and just feel great and inspired whenever you want to. The meditation techniques are not associated to any particular school, style or philosophy. They work brilliantly by themselves, and also compliment your other meditation practices.

I've created this group to share material and practices from my new, soon to be released book "Everybody's Meditation Book," as well as to share personal growth workshops based on what I've learned and what I practice with clients as a personal coach, Ericksonian Hypnotist and NLP master practitioner. If you are interested in achieving more with your life, learning great ways to lead a stress-resistiant life, and squeezing more pleasure and meaning from every day, consider signing on to this group!

Read about the book: http://everybodymeditate.blogspot.com/ (http://everybodymeditate.blogspot.com/)
Read about self-development: http://successworkhypnosis.blogspot.com/ (http://successworkhypnosis.blogspot.com/)
To order your own copy: http://www.21centurymeditation.info/ (http://www.21centurymeditation.info/)

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Would You Like a Post-Election De-Stress Meetup?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

(My apologies, I've allowed this group to go fallow for a long time.)

Recently, I've had clients asking about getting together to do some group visualizations and meditations to get past all the craziness of this post election period (plus the upcoming holidays). I think it's a great idea!
What do you folks think?

There are so many different things we can practice-- simple ways to relax when you want to, ways of changing your outlook to find the positive and exciting in your future, ways to handle unexpected stresses, even goal-setting for the upcoming season!

If a couple of people are interested, I'd be happy to organize this at a nominal fee (I'm guessing $15-20 per person, depending on the venue).

Please let me know your interested!

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