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Software developers getting together to swap stories, build things and learn from each other. We mix talks and social sessions and welcome all levels of skill and experience; if you are interested in making software, you'll find something useful here!

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Home Automation for Real

Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre

We've all heard about Home Automation ... but how realistic is it to really automated your home? I'll be talking through how I've automated my home and the reasons why... ... it will include a detailed overview of everything needed and the tips / tricks I've learned over the last six months.

"Not only but also" - There's more to the job of being a software engineer..!

Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre

We’re all developers, but there’s more to the job than that. I want to help recognise the additional skills we’re all using and how we can grow that rather than relying on people with that skill as their job title. An example is architecture. We tend to architect systems up front, or not at all and yet every programming decision we make has architectural implications. We spend a lot of time talking about the right approach to architecture when it practice it’s more about thinking ahead and avoiding mistakes and engaging the team than the perfect technique.

A-Frame: A web framework for building virtual reality experiences in the browser

Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre

A talk on the AFrame Virtual / Mixed Reality framework - all of which works directly in the browser. This will involve some hands on coding demonstrations to show how to create an AFrame experience with very few lines of code.

Ewan Slater presents TBA

Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre


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