Ewan Slater presents "Free the Functions with Fn project (fnproject.io)!"

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Waterfront building · Ipswich

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Serverless” is the buzzword of the moment.

“Serverless” aims to improve developer productivity by abstracting, underlying infrastructure layers. The servers are still there, but you just can’t see them.

This abstraction allows the developer to focus solely on the functions that deliver value to the business and not on the plumbing.

The economics of serverless are also interesting since you only consume resources when your functions run, rather than having applications running continually waiting to server requests.

Sadly the serverless platforms provided by some cloud providers are not open, restrict choice and lock you in to both their platform and their cloud.

In this talk, I want to show how you can do serverless development with your choice of language, and deployment location.

Presentation Summary

What is “serverless”
The case for open source serverless
The Fn project (see http://fnproject.io)
Fn functions
FDKs (Function Development Kits)
Linking functions together to create serverless applications
Building an example serverless application with Fn