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Hey guys! Thanks for checking out "Suffolk & Under 40." Living in Suffolk is not a requirement of the group but the majority of our events will be in Suffolk. The only requirement is that you are under the age of 40.

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as me. Most of your friends and family are married and or have kids so trying to plan anything with them is tough. You're also probably sick of getting takeout and watching Netflix on a Friday night. That gets old real quick. Online dating? How well has that worked for you?

In June of 2014 I decided to change my ways and get out there to meet new people. I started a meetup group called "Active Long Island" and we do things like ride bikes, kayak, hike, go to restaurants, go bowling, visit aquariums, go to concerts and so much more. I've met some great people and have made some new friends. It's been an awesome experience.

The only negative thing with that group is the median age of the members. It's definitely skewed higher so I don't get to interact with many people around my own age. Basically, I'd like this group to be a carbon copy of that group, just with younger members.

There will always be some great events on the calendar and I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions. With your help, we can make this group very successful! I hope to meet you soon, Chris.

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Walk The Port Jeff to Setauket Greenway Trail!

Parking lot next to 7/11

Walk The Port Jeff to Setauket Greenway Trail!

Parking lot next to 7/11

New Biking/Hiking Trail Meeting

Miller Place High School

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