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What we're about

Do you love yoga, the beach, Rumi and other Sufi poets?

Then you've arrived at the right place.

In case you don't know, Sufi's were mystics ecstatically in love with God. Here's a chance to learn yogic and Sufi tools that can open your heart to experience the divine and transmute pain into bliss on a cellular level. Utilizing various yogas to gain flexibility, strength and get to the issues in your tissues, my goal is to help you feel fabulous in your body while also moving your heart and soul closer to Oneness in the Divine.

Perhaps you're a Muslim and would like to explore yoga in a safe container of modest dress and some familiar practices. You'd like to explore the depth of your heart and discover its many treasures. Then you might find Sufi Yoga as the perfect opportunity.

Sufi Yoga is for all levels as there are modifications and advancements for each pose.
I'm certified in several yoga modalities, including Kundalini, Naam and Yin yoga and practice it daily. I look forward to meeting you in the circle of love. To your health! Sincerely, Elissa Amina

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