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If you are interested in exploring the Wisdom of the Sufi's and the Yogi's then this is the place for you.

Yogic practices are well known in the West. Sufi's are difficult to label or describe or pin down. Sufism is connected to Islam, but dates from way before the Prophet, and has links to Abraham and even beyond that time. Yogic practices are linked to Hinduism and are among our oldest spiritual practices.

Yoga is about achieving liberation and Union with the Divine. Sufi's are known for there concept of universal, unconditional love and union with the Beloved. The love poems and verses of the Sufi's are sung all over Asia and India, and have been translated into English and gaining a popular following in the West too.

We aim to hold events in the Spirit of Sufi Love and Yoga.

These are some pages with Sufi poems and verses:

Sufi and Zen Parables


The Love Poems of Rumi:


Poems of Passion by Rumi:


Dohas of Kabir:


Songs of Kabir:


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"The soul which cannot endure fire and smoke won't find the Secret"


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