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This is a group for Pantsuit Nation Facebook Group members to meet in person. ---Due to a change in the status of the National Group to a 501(c)3, we had to change the name of our group from Pantsuit Nation Denver to Suit Up! Denver

We will socialize, commiserate, and strategize on ways we can move forward and move our country forward after the 2016 election.

I would like to set some ground rules which I hope will help us all move toward our goals. (Changes and additions may be made to these ground rules with member input...I'm not a dictator...I just wanted to type up some thoughts to get us started.)

• This group is open to anyone who wants to work peacefully toward making positive change in this country.

• We oppose certain policies Trump and the GOP have outlined or expressed during the campaign. We do not necessarily oppose everything he will propose (e.g., if he has a good plan for the economy, improving education, etc.). Our goal is not to be obstructionist, however, we will work to oppose any policies that go against basic human rights.

• While some members may want to work towards impeachment, that is not the group's goal. We should be working toward improving the Democratic Party and the Liberal/Progressive Agenda.

• Members need not be members of the Democratic Party nor supporters of Hillary Clinton.

• We are here to fix the problem, not the blame. We will not blame the DNC, "Bernie Bros", or anyone who voted for a third party candidate or didn't vote. Analysis of "what went wrong" during the 2016 will be done only for the purpose of "lessons learned" and to help strategize for future elections.

• We will work toward understanding Trump voters motivations so we can communicate why voting for Progressive/Liberal/Democratic candidates is actually in their best interest.

• We will work toward developing Progressive/Liberal/Democratic parties and candidates who are in touch with the concerns of working class white people who voted for Trump. We need to find a way to reach these people and address their concerns for the Economy and National Security issues while maintaining our American values to uphold Civil Rights for all people.

• We will not engage in personal attacks on members of Donald Trump's family who are not directly involved in his Administration, we will not mock or demean Donald Trump's minor children,and we will not 'Slut-Shame' Melania Trump.

• While some or all of our members may oppose Donald Trump's Foreign Policy, we, as a group, support military personnel and their families.

• We will respect each other and our differences.

• We will work for positive change.

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