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Come to receive a session of Light Energy. Sessions are 15-60 minutes depending on your schedule and preference. There is no cost, but spiritual offerings to the Sukyo Mahikari ( organization are welcomed. Why receive Light? Various spiritual principles underlie the natural world. Sometimes it is easy to practice the universal principles, but sometimes even people who want to live in harmony with their innate spirituality encounter situations where they do not know how to apply the universal principles. For example, people may find themselves in a job or relationship that makes them unhappy or which hinders them from accomplishing their goals. When tools for spiritual growth are practiced together with experiencing light energy, people can more quickly attain personal growth and help make the world a better place. What is Light? Energy that purifies the spiritual aspect of people and all things. Light can be radiated to anything – food, animals, plants, homes, workplaces, cars, and so on. By purifying their surroundings with this energy, many people notice that their surroundings become more pleasant and often appear brighter. This helps everyone around them gradually become more connected with their spirituality and to start to think more about how to live in harmony with their fellow human beings and the environment.

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The Art of True Light

Members practice giving and receiving true Light energy, and developing themselves to achieve their true potential as human beings. The practice of true Light teaches the importance of maintaining positive thoughts and actions.

One of the best ways to initiate a natural and sustainable process of change in oneself, at the very deepest level of consciousness, is giving and receiving Light energy and practicing the universal principles. These universal principles underlie the natural world, such as waves – light waves, sound waves, and many others. Spiritually, too, waves (“ups and downs”) are necessary for growth to occur.

About Sukyo Mahikari

Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development is a nonprofit spiritual and community service organization that teaches the transmission of Light energy that purifies the spiritual aspect of people and all things. Members of Sukyo Mahikari strive to manifest a heavenly world: a civilization of peace, abundant health, and material well-being. The organization endeavors to re-establish a pristine and pollution-free world.

Sukyo Mahikari is open to all. People from all walks of life, cultures and religions practice this faith. Sukyo Mahikari encourages selfless service that enables a person to return to his or her original condition as a child of God by purifying spiritually. This is achieved through the practice of giving true Light to others and nurturing an altruistic attitude.

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