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Board Games Night where nudist-curious people can meet us
Proposal sent to us from Mind Games Café, Hello! We are a board games cafe located in downtown Toronto. Here at Mind Games Cafe we host table top board game events for new and veteran gamers. We would like to host your next event on the private second floor of our uptown cafe. We are open from 12pm - 11pm. In addition, we will also promote your upcoming events on our Meetup, Facebook and Twitter. Please let us know if you are interested. Sign up and if there are 10 experienced naturists interested, I will set up an evening with our hosts Mind Games Café. This is a clothed event in this case since we are meeting interested people from the general public. I will have nudist magazines and camping resort brochures available for take-home. To get the ball rolling, sign up as soon as possible. Dave Fleming HBN and TANS

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Welcome to Hanlan's Point Beach Naturists Group!

At the northend, we have established the Games Ground where you can socialize with friends and play with them by borrowing games and sports equipment. Equipment is available if an HBN volunteer is present at the double umbrella and table at the north end of the nudist beach section between the border fence and the handicap boardwalk entrance.

A volleyball court is available with a ball.
Petanque set of 8 balls are available to use anywhere on the beach.
The Kubb court is set up at the north end but moveable to play anywhere.
Kubb goes back to the Vikings and is still very popular in Sweden where it is a cottage game and they also have team competitions. Lots of info in Youtube and sets available on Ebay.

All games and equipment are available to nudists only. This is done to move you from a nudist curious space to a nudist space.


Take the Hanlan's Point Ferry at the foot of Bay at Queens Quay and walk 10 minutes to the beach north end by the Lifeguard Station.

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