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What will it take to make Chattanooga fossil fuel free? And let's think really biggest. Let's include uranium in the fossil fuels list. This means all energy needs must come from renewable resources. Is it possible? Can we do it? Should we do it? Let's work together to find out.

This project uses Meetup to start pulling people together. We are starting the Chattanooga metropolitan area. We are blessed with a really big head start: the TVA. TVA tells us that 30% of our electrical power comes from the hydroelectric dams, starting with the one in the middle of our great city. We also have an aging nuclear electrical plant that started construction in 1971, and came on line in 1981. That's 38 years ago. Should we keep fixing it? If so, for how long? Should we replace it? Should we eliminate it because it is no longer needed? Let's find out.

But that's just electrical power. What about energy for heating our homes? Energy to run commercial and industrial plants and offices in our area. And what about all those cars and trucks? Just how much energy is that?

Let's add up the Total Energy Budget for Chattanooga, and then figure out where the renewable energy could come from. Excited about these challenges? We are and are looking forward to meeting you. Click here to join. Our thoughts and prayers go with you. See www.livingwatersolar.com for for information.

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