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Freedom Lake Park Furs: Holiday Meet
Ho ho hello every furry! Welcome to our 6th annual Holiday meet! Where we celebrate the reindeer trampling and ruining roofs while some guy breaks into your house because he has gifts for your children. O.O Remember to leave him cookies to distract him while you run out the back door. I hear he is magical so get your wards in place. First off I would like to announce the annual secret Santa event where if you wish to participate you will have to contact my assistant and mortal avatar Thomas Otto. He'll be taking names until the end of December 1st to all who wish to participate. There will be a 10 dollar gift limit to whom you will be playing secret Santa to. =) Second, well... To be honest I haven't really come up with much more then that so look for updates between now and then. As always be on your best behavior, especially around this year. One word... Krampus. o.o And that every meet is basically a pot luck. If you don't bring something to share please bring something for yourself at least. Water will be provided at my avatar's expense. =) ♥ Much love and have a wonderful holiday season!!!

Freedom Lake Park

9990 46th St N · Pinellas Park, FL

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Calling all furries in the Suncoast area! Are you interested in attending a furmeet, but never knew how to find one? Look no further! This group will regularly post meets and events hosted by the four furry groups in the Suncoast area. Please contact the host of meet for questions regarding that specific meet! *READ THE RULES POSTED BELOW BEFORE ATTENDING A MEETUP*. See bottom for each group's facebook page.


1. No hate speech or bullying is allowed.

2. Do not disrespect anyone’s fursuit.

3. These meet ups are DRAMA FREE ZONES. Spreading drama and/or gossip will not be tolerated.

4. Please respect other folk's property (suits, suit bins, purses, wallets, phones Etc.)

5. Please NO food or drinks at the fursuit tables.

6. Please let suiters know you are there before hugging/touching them unless previously agreed that it's okay to do so.

7. Respect that others may not have the same opinions you do, and that we are all there to get along in a safe environment.

8. Please clean hands only when touching suiters.

9. Please respect personal space. If you're asked to back off, or move away, no offense is meant. We need to make sure everyone has their comfort zones intact.

10. This is an AWOO free zone under or near the pavilion. We have people with auditory sensory needs and we must respect that.

11. Please only eat 1 share of food and only a few cups of soda.

12. Please respect the words of admins.

13. There is absolutely no smoking or vaping in or near the pavilion.

14. No alcohol or illegal substances allowed at any of the meetups.

15. Please be polite and courteous when interacting with other people who are not a part of our meets at the parks.

16. Any form of harassment will result in a ban.

17. Do not use the platform as a means for promotion or spam. All self promotion, Go-Fundme links, and commission listings must first be approved by an admin before they can be posted.

18. Have fun!


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