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Introducing CocoaLumberjack

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Tampa Tribune Auditorium

200-202 S. Parker Street · Tampa, FL

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Robbie Hanson, Senior iPhone Developer at Voalte (, will introduce his new logging framework, CocoaLumberjack, and show why it's a great alternative to NSLog.

NSLog is the town whore. We all use her when we're desperate (to find bugs). And when we're done (fixing the bug) we shoo her out the back door, and remove any evidence that she was ever here (by deleting the log statements). But our relationship with logging doesn't have to be like this. I'd like to introduce you to a new logging framework. Think of her as the girl next door - the one who was your best friend in school, but ends up being your wife of 50 years.

Now I know some of you might be thinking "logging is boring". But what if I told you that by using the framework you can actually make your application faster because it is an order of magnitude faster than NSLog? What if I told you that you could leave your logging statements in place, and have them compiled out at will? What if the framework could allow you to debug your iPhone application remotely, by viewing its log statements in real time, via a web browser on a machine not connected to the device? What if I told you it supports Grand Central Dispatch (if available)?

You can check out the project on Google Code:

This framework is for you if:

You're looking for a way to track down that impossible-to-reproduce bug that keeps popping up in the field.
You're frustrated with the super short console log on the iPhone.
You're looking to take your application to the next level in terms of support and stability.
You're looking for an enterprise level logging solution for your application (Mac or iPhone).