What we're about

Sunday Assembly is a secular community which meets monthly to hear great talks, sing pop songs, engage in service projects, and celebrate this one life we know we have.

What happens at a Sunday Assembly?

A primary event is Sunday Assembly service which takes place every three months on the second Sunday at 11 AM. It consists of songs (pop songs mainly) sung by the congregation and a band, a reading (usually a poem), an interesting talk (that fits into live better, help often or wonder more), a moment of reflection and an address, which sums up the day and hopefully gives a take home message. We have coffee, tea and cake to encourage people to stay and mingle with one another. Outside of the event we organize small groups (Smoups) and other social activities such as book clubs and game night, peer-to-peer support and local volunteering, parties and more community building activities.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Wine with TED

Needs a location

Watch a TED talk (https://www.ted.com/participate/organize-a-local-tedx-event/tedx-organizer-guide/speakers-program/what-is-a-tedx-talk). Drink wine (or beer or soda or flavored water or even coffee). Discuss with friends. Showtime starts at 7:30. We'll watch the first Talk and then break for 15 minutes or so to discuss it, refresh drinks, etc. Then we'll watch the second Talk; when its finished we can discuss the second Talk, compare/contrast the two Talks, refresh drinks, go potty, etc. Then no more videos, just socializing. :) Come meet friends and #LiveBetter. The specific Talks are: --The Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight --Get comfortable with being uncomfortable by Luvvie Ajayi

Leadership Meeting - Open To All

7 North

Do you want to get involved in making Sunday Assembly work? This is the meeting for you. Come on out for great company as you meet the leadership of Sunday Assembly Detroit and see where you can best fit in. We have lots to do, so please don't be shy!

All Fun and Games (Game Night)

Needs a location

Game Night! Let's get together to play games or cards, chat, and enjoy some good company. We have games available but feel free to bring any others you want to play! Please bring a dish to share(without peanuts) please!! Drinks are good too!

Grief Beyond Belief

935 Trinway Road

Are you going through tough times, grieving the loss of a loved one, coping with separation, divorce or anything that falls into the category of loss and experiencing a period of sadness, grief, or mourning? The aim of Grief Beyond Belief is to facilitate peer-to-peer grief support for atheists, humanists, and other free-thinkers by providing spaces free of religion, spiritualism, mysticism, and evangelism in which to share sorrow and offer the comfort of rational compassion.

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Gleaners Food Bank of Pontiac

120 E Columbia Ave

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