SAGR Organizing Committee Tuesday "Eatin'-Meetin'"

This is a past event

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With our target Launch now 1/17/2016 ... The SAGR Organizing Committee is meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.

This meeting will be to visit the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters venue/facility and consider logistical needs. Then join us for libations after to discuss any additional SAGR business.

Getting together to actualize our own vision of the Sunday Assembly movement over a meal and talk about Sunday Assembly Grand Rapids. A committed group of radically inclusive people working toward a fun and solid launch for our new Sunday Assembly Grand Rapids community.

For any interested new organizers, please don't hesitate to join us! We need your valuable input and direction, too.

Live better. Help often. Wonder more.

Things to consider for discussion:

> 1/17/16 Launch Press Releases> Venue/Facility Logistics (Seating/Sound System/Projector/etc.)

> Community Social Action possibilities (pre-launch)

> Social Activities/Events suggestions (pre-launch)

> Program PowerPoint

> Song/Music suggestions

> Roles (Host, Song Leader, Speakers, Readers, etc.)

> Board members (Directors, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.)

> Financial/Incorporation

> Next meeting(s)