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Let's get this show on the road. I used to be a regular attendant of Stockholm Lounge Hackers and moved up to Sundsvall during the summer. I'd love to continue the tradition.

I'll be there from 17:30 but it's a open house kind of thing, just drop by, we're limited mostly by available seats at Bishops.

Lounge hacking is not about attending lectures of what's new and cool. It's a forum to meet similar minded people and sit down in a relaxed environment where everyone attending is doing their own thing. I'm going to be hacking away on my Sinatra project - what will you do?

Right now I'm hunting a co-leader. The plan once we get going is to have a meetup each wednesday or so after work.

The original core values are:

Hacking on stuff alone or together AW-hours in lounge environment weekly - while having a drink and/or interchange with the other mindsets. Build an ecosystem for ambitious people trying to realize own projects using some kind of "hacking", because these are the people that potentially represent the next wave of game-changers. Supporting this should be key. Doing this while not loosing core values over sponsorship deals. Code of honour: A place for creation/exploring/interchanging - not direct recruiting.