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This group brings together people who tend to focus their lives around human and higher consciousness often referred to as " Light" . Nutritional essentials are commonly focused on at a body-mind-soul level among many people of mastery path light disciplines. This group is open to anyone, and is a forum for discussing topics of higher awareness, essential nutritional support through diet and essential mineral supplementation , meditation practice and healthy living activities and performance on the higher awareness mental, emotional, and physical levels of life.

There are many opportunities to share experiences and share the light within consciousness. Serving our Earth in her re- nutrification and transformation we learn the same for ourselves and each other. We ideally come together monthly to join as grounded light servers to meditate in a group and as a group that is physically associated quantum with universal experience. We connect as one group avatar with the realms of higher light. We assist the literal integration of light from the previous electromagnetic earth grid to the new earth crystalline grid. We join consciously as literally being some of the light servers placed on earth for this purpose .

This is a very open and social group of like minded people who are interested in sharing ideas and contributing to the peace, light and love of each other, humanity and all creations upon the earth and the Earth Itself.

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