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The Sunny Side of Londoners - Developing Spontaneity Through Fun Workshops

No one is perfect, and it’s better to practice being a master 'imperfectionist' than a failed 'perfectionist'. That’s what we aim for in our workshops. The two most predominant rules of communication or Public Speaking are to face the fear of making mistakes and being spontaneous. Well, here at our workshops, we work towards the same objectives but in a funny way so that you learn to ‘laugh it off’.

We make participants play Improv games which are so full of flaws or 'flaw-full', that they make you ‘flaw-less’ and spontaneous at public speaking. Our activities bring play, humour, and laughter to learning which improves motivation and reduces stress; what we call ‘Laughter Therapy’. After our sessions, participants come out refreshed and energized.

We cannot guarantee a transformation in just one session but we can definitely guarantee a lot of fun!!


Ekta is finally getting used to the London weather and is looking to continue where she left in India. She has trained hundreds of young adults in areas of communication, public speaking, confidence etc. in India and also worked with young refugees in London.

She specializes in communication training and personal development through theatre programs. She is known for her highly charged and power packed sessions that keep the participants engaged and deeply motivated.

Her trainer led style of activities has no lecture (as she would put it!) but a focused approach where each participant is completely involved.

Linkedin Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ekta-joshi-041b1792/ (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.linkedin.com%2Fin%2Fekta-joshi-041b1792%2F&h=ATOz2y8IsJZn01bOjWFh9tgO1CaBVPQ2uTvp8qCAw2yUTUhloqOKErnoAfR_tH04KYmcqEs9XJU_PJZYaqNAJG_frG_Dmf3Cwjx71VS_dNUzeXysXhBDf93b1zN20Tn2CHLvPA)

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