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This group is for anyone wanting to practice gentle moving meditation practices like Qigong, yoga and Tai Chi to advance wellness and healing. You should join if you want to gather with like-minded and sincere people who value wellness and want to share wellness with others. Practicing in a group can be very powerful and healing. All skill levels are welcome. We will gather to share movement, breath practice, easy self-massage, and meditation. Sometimes, we will celebrate the changes of the seasons, like summer going to fall or fall going to winter and socializing over tea. We are looking forward to meeting you to create healing environments and energy fields in our community!

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Qigong Class and Healing Sounds - Free

Plaza del Sol

Join us at 9:00 AM at Plaza Del Sol (address is 200 W. Evelyn near Sunnyvale Caltrain) for Qigong at the Sunnyvale Farmer's Market. Bring comfortable shoes, a yoga mat to sit on, a hat and sunglasses for the sun. We will have healing sounds, do a standing practice outdoors, and then enjoy one another as people and socialize a little bit afterward. Look for the clock tower on the plaza that indicates the group practice location in the Plaza Del Sol. We begin with healing sounds and centering. Then, we do some simple warm-up moves to get us ready to enter the Qigong flow with some fun sets of movements. The moves can be done either standing or sitting, and there is wheelchair access. We finish with guided meditation and visualization circle (5 min). This weekly event is free, and if you like the practice you can make an optional love offering that goes to the Healer Within Foundation (www.healerwithinfoundation.org), an organization dedicated to increasing health in wellness in communites all over the country through practice groups like this one and trainings for leaders of groups. We hope to see you there!

SPECIAL Winter Solstice Gathering

Washington Park Community Room


Location: Washington Park Community Room 840 W. Washington Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085 This is a community event! Join us for an *extended practice* indoors and out of the cold! We will share a renewing pure crystal singing bowls healing sound session led by special guest, Tom Leichardt, founder of Sumari Healing Arts (https://www.sumarihealingarts.com/), with meditative movement led by Josie Weaver, President of the Healer Within Foundation (https://www.healerwithinfoundation.org/), a nonprofit organization that trains practice leaders to lead meditative practice in communities all over the country. This event benefits and encourages communities to start and share practices and stay well together. Also at this event: Longtime Qigong and Tai Chi practitioner and Qigong Healer, Michael Voigt, will offer short energy balancing sessions. We will share the light, have fun, and finish our time together with light refreshments. Please RSVP to reserve your spot by registering for this event here: https://www.healerwithinfoundation.org/wintersol2019

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Qigong Class and Healing Sounds - Free

Plaza del Sol

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