What we're about

The Sunnyvale Tenants Union is a tenant led organization forming to improve housing conditions, protections and affordability for those renting their home in Sunnyvale, CA. By forming a Tenants Union we have a forum where we can build our power in several ways:

- Educating ourselves
Knowledge is power, and by learning about our rights as tenants we are stronger.

-Taking direct action
Together we can put pressure on landlords who are mistreating their tenants, not taking care of repairs and similar.

- Building political power
This is a great time to get organized, as groups all over California are coming together to fight the affordability crisis. Sunnyvale is a city where a majority of households are renters, but you would not know by looking at our city council. Let's make sure we're heard!

To get in touch, contact us at hello@svtu.org

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Sunnyvale Tenant Meetup

Sports Basement - Sunnyvale store

Sunnyvale Tenants Union Meeting

100 S Murphy Ave #200

Tenant Meetup

Bean Scene Cafe

Sunnyvale Tenant Meetup

Sports Basement - Sunnyvale store

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