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Join a pool of lucky players and increase your chances of winning the lottery. The more members we have the higher our chances of winning the jackpot or other prizes. Members of this pool are lucky players because we possess charitable hearts. Please join us if you are a selfless and a giving person who love to help others. The law of the universe works by rewarding those who give to the less fortunate and in need. This group is seeking members who focus on using their lottery winnings to help people in need before their own needs. I've done some research on past lottery winners and found that people who donate a portion of their winning to charity sustain their wealth much longer than those who splurged on themselves. So let karma work in your favor by manifesting charitable intentions and focus on this consciousness as you try your luck.

Members Terms and How to Play:

1. There is a small monthly $7 member's fee to join the pool. The fee covers costs of managing the group.

2. Payment for lottery play is accepted weekly and due by Friday the week before the week of lottery purchase.

3. Members have the options of choosing to play Mega Million, Super Lotto Plus, Powerball, or all three. Each lottery has 2 drawings per week. If you play all 3 lotteries at 2 drawings per week, your total is $8 per week (Powerball is $2 per play). You can choose one or multiple plays per drawing.

4. Each member will receive a copy of all the tickets purchased along with the player's list.

5. Payments for lottery purchases can only be made via Venmo or Chase Quickpay plus any apllied fees. Payment cut offs are Fridays the week prior to purchase to allow enough time for payment clearance.

6. Any winnings will be divided equally among all players listed in the pool.

7. Members must agree this term: For winnings totalling $100,000 or more , 5% will be automatically donated to verifiable charities or local operating charities after taxes and fees and prior to dividend. By giving back, members ensure winning continues as long as we continue to give back. Each member is encouraged to keep giving even after receiving their winning portion.

8. As organizer I will do my best to purchase Lottery tickets from locations that have extensive winning track record. Purchases will also be made from multiple locations to increase randomness.

9. Please invite your friends and family who possess a kind heart and would love to be a helping hand to others to join this group of awesome-giving people.

Please message the organizer with any question. Specific instructions will be sent to members upon joining.

☆ You get 30 days free trial before having to pay your monthly due. I hope you decide to stick around. ☆

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