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Death Valley , hiking / camping trip*** Thanksgiving*** #OptOutside
Organized by Chris J. Join me and Cathie for another Thanksgiving trip to Death Valley ********* some very important changes about the camp sites**** compared to previous years******* You have to read this and when you add to the waitlist**** answer the question which comes up****** I will not add you in unless you acknowledge that you read the question, and to keep you from being surprised, you really need to read all of the write up below**** ***Please avoid showing up after **10**pm and start searching for your campsite and wake up half the camp site at night, thank you. *********** ******read below********************************Any questions send me a message / e mail through meetup I will NOT reserve campsites in Advance, they are first come first serve, and most of the good sites (first picture) will be most likely gone by Wednesday. (the good sites have fire pit and table) Me and Cathie are planning on being there on Wednesday late afternoon, and we will bring a small trailer to sleep in and therefore will be setting up shop across the tent camp sites. Campsites are $ 14 per night (up to 8 ppl / 2 cars) We should have at least one good site, with a fire pit and table, hopefully more.*** ****usually one or two members arrive early enough to get a site with a table and fire ring Please bring some firewood if you have room in the car, store near camp, sells some as well but might cost more There will be sites available for sure, but it may be the one of the "RV spots", which is basically a double parking spot on packed dirt, you park and set up the tent in front or behind your car. the **second pic** above gives you an idea, the nice sites are in the back ground the "rv or parking lot sites in front *************************************************************************There maybe enough showing up on Tuesday or Wednesday to grab enough sites to share. Each of the good sites allows 8 ppl (and 2 cars, in the past we got away with more cars parked there) you have to see when you get there or communicate with others who will be there early----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ****Waiver**** I will have a waiver / sign in sheet to sign at camp The hikes I am planning will be posted separately and I will be picky who to take on it you may plan your own hikes and activities ****** !!!!!!you are expected to know your camping equipment , and be self suficent with food, etc.*****!!!!!! **ONE IMPORTANT NOTE*** ABOUT HEALTH ISSUES**** ***if you have any health conditions we need to know about, please let us know about*** Nobody will find out about it, unless the rangers have to send out a search party for you. ***You can also give me a sealed envelope with the info, about things we need to know if you are missing and we will hand the info to the rangers, and if not needed I will give it back at the end of the trip*** (you may wonder why all this? read my note at the very bottom of this write up) Park Entrance FEE $ 30 per car, unless you have a valid NP pass Google link for Stovepipe wells,,+CA&hl=en&ll=36.607673,-117.14689&spn=0.003363,0.005504&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=53.741627,90.175781&oq=stovepipe+we&hnear=Stovepipe+Wells,+Inyo,+California&t=h&z=18 (one way Distance, this is from Walnut Creek ranges from 415 to 490 miles depending on route) shortest and fastest for me would be through Yosemite if Tioaga pass still open, keep in mind that needs a National Parks Pass or it will cost you $20. Weather, The average temperature for the Valley is about 70 for a high and 40 for a low, *** Nights will be cold*** 6 years ago it was unusual cold and it dipped into the mid 20s***the usual low should be in the 30's to 40's Make sure to prepare with warm sleeping bags, extra comforter . etc. whatever you need to keep warm at night. ***Wind*** it can get very windy make sure to stake down the tents extra good. ***3 years ago we had a quick 30-60 min wind storm at dinner time, which blew stuff off the tables, sand / dust in the air etc, most of us fled into the tents until it blew over. *** Sand*** if you want it or not, sand will be pretty much everywhere at the end of the camping trip *** Store*** a general store is a few hundred feet from the camp, has all your basic stuff ***Showers** are avail. for around 5 bucks at the lodge across the street. ***Gas** avail. outside the general store **However** ONLY ONE GRADE** I believe it was 89 (Price was actually not bad for the location, much lower then furnance creek or panamint springs), at least that was the case for the last 6 years I was there. **Restroom** flush toilets and faucets **Phone reception,first time 2016 some had service I think it was ATT,but don't count on it, you may get some close to Furnance Creek **Firewood, if you have room in your car bring some, will need a lot of it, once the sun sets it will get chilly*** /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Some info about hikes activities at Death Valley Link to Steve Hall's website with lots of short and long hikes, ** please be advised that Death Valley can be be a very dangerous place** Death Valley is huge, it has very remote places, you drive down a little used dirt road your car breaks down, you may not be found alive in time, unless you are prepared to stay a few nights, don't go alone, and let somebody know your plans. **Disclaimer for Steve's website** "This site was not designed to be a hiking guide for Death Valley. Desert hiking and Death Valley heat can both be extremely hazardous. Please consult guidebooks and park rangers before undertaking any hike in the park, because many are dangerous. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// And NPS website main NPS website, hiking page ************************************************** 2011 trip Explanation for the health note, a few years ago we did a hike, where a hiker got separated from the group due to the fact there was no trail and the route went in and out of washes etc. and if one does not pay attention where the group goes you could find yourself out of sight very quick. ( the hiker managed to get to the road and hitched a hike to the ranger station and eventually word reached us (via a rancher) that the member was safe,( that was 4-5 hrs after we finished the hike) due to no cell phone coverage. our group was about to start a search for the missing hiker, we just waited for the ranger to meet us one more time before we planned to head out, that's when we got the good news. ( What we learned from that is that the park service will not initiate a search until the next morning, ** UNLESS** there is a known medical condition which warrants a search right away. They expect you to be prepared enough to survive the night out there.

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