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Hey if you're reading this!

My name is Pana and I'm a Designer, Strategist, Content Marketer, and Front End Developer based in London. I'm the Founder of the multidisciplinary design agency Aeism (we're new!🍼), and we focus on value exchange for our clients through our outputs.

Being focussed on value, time and money are two valuable resources we had to consider carefully as we set out to creating our purposeful and engaging digital architecture 📐.

As a team we've explored and created some Web Design → Web Development processes & pathways that we'd like to share with you in a comprehensive crash course into the world of entry to mid level Web Design projects for yourself, or your clients!

I design develop my sites in and around Wordpress, but I’ll introduce you to all options I consider and my Agency’s Workflow through UX & UI that we’ve boiled down for efficiency for years!

We'll cover and demystify ⚗️:

Quick Analysis 🔍
- Buckle up! What to consider before embarking on a new website.

Design Research 🤓
- Hold on! Let's identify what we need to do, and why

Visual Communication 👁
- Family affair! I’ll underline how Web Design is a child of graphic design, & the grandchild of Visual Communication as a language.
- Let's curate! Identify what content to put on your site.

Content Mapping 🗺
- Don't get lost! I’ll cover how to identify information structures, sections, and groups for content.

Wire-framing 🏗
- X-Ray Goggles! I’ll discuss how to present information on your site.

Visual Mood-boarding 🖼
- Let's get visual! I’ll show you how, and where to source and digest inspiration for your new site.

UX UI & Design 🎨
- The Fun Part! I’ll dive into the tools, software, methods and procedures associated with this part.

Prototyping 🚧
- Top Secret! More discussion on tools, software, and other fun stuff like animation!

Development 🛠
- I’ll show you how to go straight from your design to HTML, CSS the really easy way
- We’ll explore the levels and stages of development and how to jump the queue

Launching 🚀
- Takeoff! We’ll cover the basics around SEO, Content Marketing, and PR to get your shiny new site to the right people.

Things to avoid 🚮
- Horror stories! Listen to some of the mistakes I’ve made in our 7 year journey through web design.

Q&A 🎓
- I’ll answer and questions you have about Web design, UX UI, software, pricing, timeline, budgets and more!

The slides & presentation I give will be given to everyone that comes via USB stick, or E-mail. 💌

What my Agency and I aim to achieve from this!🏆

- My goal is to make good Web Design and Development more affordable, accessible, rewarding, and less confusing to people as we grow into a more digitally infused way of life. Modern businesses rely on creating engaging experiences for their audience and consumer. The concept of user interaction is one consumers are becoming more aware of, and as a result, the bar is setting higher by the day! 📈

- I want to show people that shiny, purposeful, and affordable Web Design is a super easy feat with the plethora of software and technology available to produce and create on a computer. 🤖

- Experience! Teaching is learning as we all know, and I hope this exchange only betters everyone that is a part of it. 🏛

- Some new friendships! I’d love to meet entrepreneurs interested in Web Design things as such.🍻

A little about me 😅

- I'm 23, and I've worked with brands like: Adidas, Sony Music, SBTV, SuperDry, London Fashion Week, Skagen Denmark, XOYO, Virgin Trains, Santander, and more to create brand & digital experiences. ⭐️

- I’ve never done this before. Not by myself, but I’ve given some talks at: London Business School, London Fashion Week, Second Home Holland Park, & University Of The Arts London on; PR & Social Media, Branding, Design, and Fashion Marketing.

- Before becoming a designer, I was in the medical sciences!

- I’ve got a huge soft spot for teaching, telling stories, and opening perspectives with people, hence my passion as a Designer.

- I’d love to do a meet up like this Weekly, maybe?!

I hope to see you at my meet up! 🙌

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