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Hello aspiring heroes!

Noticing, at the time, that there were no local, official meetups for a superhero roleplaying game group and plenty of those seeking one, I decided to forge just such an opportunity.

Champions, Marvel Superheroes, DC Superheroes, Villains and Vigilantes, Mutants and Masterminds--whatever your particular brand of poison, let's meet together and brew it here!

If you're looking for a steady game in a group that promotes collaborative creative expression, action, story and unfettered heroics, then look no further!

Feel free to post if you're looking to find or host a game.

This meetup is primarily for tabletop roleplay, but if you're looking to find members for superhero boardgames, miniature battles, card games, HeroClix and the like, or maybe even local enthusiasts of Champions Online or DC Universe Online, feel free to do so.

State who you are, where and how often you meet and the style of game you're running. Also remember to state the experience level in overall gaming and game mechanics that you're shopping for.

I'm hopeful that we'll find gaming opportunities for newbies and veterans alike.

Be sure to let prospective players know if you are running a monochrome (black and white, good vs. evil), grayscale (tougher decisions, gray areas, justifiable homicide) or dark game. (Hard core mercenaries or vigilantes, high body count.) Or even that you're of a mind to run antiheroes or outright villains.

Let's be sure the players get what they came for, or, at the very least, know what they're getting into.

You'll find that we're a small, friendly group more concerned with quality over quantity. We hope that's exactly what you're looking for.

Looking forward to seeing you at the games!

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