What we're about

Have you ever noticed how some people get extraordinary results in business, and investing?

We look at the ancient teachings and principles they've applied that operate in the supernatural.

We teach on...

· How some people have discovered spiritual truths and accelerated their results. For example, we’ve looked at a case study where others struggled to get results for over 9-10 years, and this individual by applying specific spiritual techniques was able to help them get the business results in just 3 weeks!

· Weeks later this individual also received a result above and beyond what they initially set out to do as opportunities opened to them on an international scale.

· We’ve shown how people have applied spiritual principles and received favour from others in business and investing beyond what most experience in normal day to day business workings.

· We’ve seen another report were an individual applied spiritual principles and received debt cancellation that does not naturally occur.

· And finally, but probably most importantly, we’ve seen people step into their life purpose to lead more fulfilling lives that are beyond putting bread on the table, and are free to make significant contributions and transformations to their communities. They are on the path to living a life with purpose.

One of the common denominators in these situations is people applied specific spiritual laws that date back to the beginning of time, and are historically documented. These are not usually taught in schools, churches, or by standard institutions. They are little known.

Going by these case studies, people have seen powerful results when applied correctly.

Supernatural Finance exists to study and educate on these findings to those with similar interests.

Presentations primarily focus on the ancient biblical writings that relate to finance and wealth.

· We’ll look at how in the past people have abounded even in bad economic periods.
· We’ll reveal how the “preferred economy” operates in multiples rather than tiny increments that the current financial system operates within.
· We’ll demonstrate key spiritual laws that farmers have demonstrated for centuries.
· Hear, how others who’ve applied these laws, have reported not only financial but health benefits and their relationships have greatly improved.

Finally, we do ask you that you come with an open mind. Due to the nature of the topic we’ll be discussing some of the concepts taught MAY not be what you’ve previously experienced, expected, or immediately understand.

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