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Do you feel confused by your relationship whether married or you have a partner? Does it seem like you live on an emotional roller coaster. Do you walk on eggshells around your partner or spouse never knowing when something you do will st them off? This group will start out with introductions each week for newcomers and then we will be working on weekly lessons and worksheets. My goal is to educate each group member on the red flags of narcissistic abuse, learn about the common characteristics of Cluster B Narcissist Personality Disorder, and through education and sharing--give hope and a clear focus to those who need to recover and heal from this covert abuse.

There is much to my personal story, but I have read close to 25 books in these 5 years, numerous blogs and articles, I am working with a trained counselor who has taken me through workbooks and education for narcissistic abuse, I have a background in the health industry, was a crisis counselor years ago, had my own radio show called "Healthy Living" for 6 years, write for medical publications, and ... just want to share what I have learned, share my resources, and offer what I can for each person to find what they need to understand their situation, make informed decisions on their own, and find the right help if they need more than the information this group can offer.

I will in no way give direct advice to anyone and will include this in my group mission statement with disclaimers.

Please note: I am not opening this to men for several reasons. I am aware men suffer this kind of abuse also. I'm not a licensed counselor, I only know the repercussions from my own experience and knowledge, and I believe a group like this should be separate for men and women due to the sensitivity of the abuse and possible triggers.

I also made the group private to protect members.

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