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My partner just recently lost his mother and we’re going through many different stages of grief together. As a partner, I’m finding many different kinds of challenges and am finding it hard to both be strong and navigate these waters while also working with my own grief.

I’ve attempted to scour the internet and find any support group that is specifically for partners, and haven’t had much luck so I’m hoping to create one to find some support for this unique community.

Are you finding it hard to be strong?
To not bring your own ego into this?
Noticed the dynamics of your relationship shifting?
At a loss of how to support your partner?
Worried about what the future might look like?
Feeling excluded from the therapy process?
Feeling lonely? Burned out?
Holiday stress?

Can you relate to these feelings and more? This will be a group to share all worries and concerns and find support from those going through similar situations.

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