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SUPPORT GROUP FOR LONELINESS *II* (inspired by the overflow & waiting list of SGFL *I* !): OWNING, SHARING, & SHIFTING -- TRANSFORMING -- It.

"When I VISIT my loneliness /

It is NEVER in."

- anon.

Not only a discussion and forum to explore and discuss-*about*, but centrally a Support Group for Loneliness… and Owning, Sharing, & Shifting -- TRANSFORMING -- It.

WHERE: 101 Carpenter Lane (in West Mt. Airy), Philadelphia, PA 19119

(See "How to find us", toward bottom, for more details.)

WHEN: We meet weekly on Sundays at *4:30* pm (-7:00 pm). (Please see "How to find us", toward bottom, re what to know if you arrive *before* 4:30.)

(We do *not* meet at 3:00. That is the other SGFL group, SGFL *I*: the *Saturday* group.)

(Quick, key note for those who have been on the waiting list for joining the *1st* Support Group for Loneliness: Support Group for Loneliness *II* has been formed because of demand & a big waiting list for the 1st one. [Each Meetup *group* has a 50-member limit: past 50, an upped, additional fee is required of the organizer.] Instead, join us in this Support Group for Loneliness *II*, as it is otherwise identical [but on Sundays at 4:30 pm instead of Saturdays at 3:00 pm] to the initial SGFL *I* group of 50 members!) Thanks!



Therapist/Organizer/Host (& group facilitator & supportive guide) Marcus EliYAhu Mann.


http://www.relation-shift.org/testimonials.... (http://www.relation-shift.org/testimonials.html)

Connecting and Presence - dropping in, to the Here & Now together, & including the inter-activities of Learning To Love Yourself - WITH the other / one another.

All you need to bring (aside from the nominal, listed Meetup offering/contribution) is You.

* (PLEASE NOTE!: We only have 50 member-spaces total in our/each Meetup group, & they can fill up quickly - which is great!: But we've had 32 people on a waiting list for SGFL *I* who couldn't join after it hit its 50 member-spots limit. This group is for YOU & it is fully equal with the 1st group.

Please only join & be in (i.e. please only KEEP yourself in) our Meetup group if you are truly going to attend our Meetings (yes, IN PERSON! ;) -- in the NON-virtual!) in West Mt. Airy on Sundays at 4:30 pm. If you won't actually be RSVPing * [please see below re this] AND attending in person, please make way & make room for those who want to attend. If demand calls for it, I may create a Support Group for Loneliness *III* & any *additional* "Support Group for Loneliness: Owning, Sharing, & Shifting -- TRANSFORMING -- It" groups that people may want. Each will meet on its own day &/or time as its own Meetup posse/circle within our cluster of Meetup group/s! Thanks!

- Marcus)



Marcus EliYAhu Mann



101 Carpenter Lane (in West Mt. Airy), Philadelphia, PA 19119

(Next to Chestnut Hill, but just 15 minutes’ drive - or 20 minutes’ train to here - from Center City.)

We meet weekly. Sunday(s) at 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Maximum of 12 people - or possibly 14 small ones! ;) (due both to space, & to optimal group dynamics) -- at a Meeting.

A nominal Meetup contribution of $10 per person will be given/received before or at the start of each of our Meetings. See Marcus before or at the start of each Meeting.


Also TEXT me DIRECTLY offline to RSVP / CONFIRM ATTENDING. (Remember, we only have space for 12 - or maybe 14 at the VERY most! - at any one Meeting, so please RSVP to me [by text offline directly] well in advance, if you can, before the spaces are taken.

I want to honor each & every one of us - & I want US to!):


I look forward to hearing from you!

How to find us:

101 Carpenter Lane is the 4-story brick building on the corner of Carpenter Lane & Cresheim Rd. Ring the buzzer that says “Mann, Hyland”. (Note: If you ring before 4:30 pm, there will be no one to answer yet.) I’ll 1st greet you via intercom & come meet you and everyone at the building's front door. We will be up 1 flight & to the right.

We have an elevator for those who want or need it.

Parking is on both streets.

Carpenter Station, on the Chestnut Hill West train line, is 1 block away.

I look forward to your presence!


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