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I am a member of a few groups but nothings seems to exist for us singletons who find themselves coping alone with health issues. My health has taken a nosedive in the last few years and, consequently, am not able to participate in many activities Meetup has to offer (at least not without a shedload of painkillers). Sadly, the spirit is willing, but the body has had it!!!
So, I don't intend to suggest an outing to scale the north face of the Eiger, but perhaps a few meetings to determine if (i) there is interest, (ii) find out what we can/can't do as a group. The underlying premise is that we accept and respect each of us has a unique set of problems. We may be able to offer advice based on our own experiences which may help. This is not a moanfest - more an opportunity to be with people who understand pain/fatigue/mobility issues without judgement or comment.
So if you can stagger to a coffee shop let me know. Am putting this on for one month in the first instance.

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Even more about that 'base' - Suggestion 3

Dunstane House Hotel

The next on the list for a visit with a view to finding a 'base' (once more thanks to Anne for this suggestion). This is the third from Anne's list and have selected those which are closest to the West End in the hope that these are the easiest to get to for the maximum number of members. Hopefully, these three locations (Apex, Cumberland and this one) will give us a starting point for discussion/comparison. Also stuck with Fridays for now - again for direct comparison on a specific day and also thinking that they may be quieter than on weekends. Sorry, I know Fridays aren't good for everyone. If you have any ideas for other venues which might suit, please do comment/start a discussion/PM me. Ultimate plan is to have a base for a monthly meet varying the day each month to allow more folks to meet each other. Thanks all. Mx

May the Fourth be with you - Starbucks, Shandwick Place

Still looking for possible 'base' locations, stumbled across this deceptively spacious Starbucks at the West End on Shandwick Place. Now I, and I know others, are not the biggest fans of 'The Chain' (unless it is the version by Fleetwood Mac), however, this is an easy access venue, well-served by public transport. Might be a handy location for those members travelling from outwith Edinburgh. So, let's give it a try. And given it is Star Wars day, nice to go somewhere with 'Star' in the title. This meet will be hosted by Lorraine/Jan to whom I offer my grateful thanks. I might be there but yours truly is taking her painkillers and outrageously expensive visa on holiday and I need to pack which might take a while. Mx

Sunday Afternoon at the Portrait Gallery, Queen Street

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

A popular Meetup venue and one that has been mentioned by group members so time for a visit. Think most of us have been here before. So come for cuppa/food/blether/viewing. Is a nice way to spend an afternoon and the cafe is very good. This event once more hosted by Jan and Lorraine (thanks again ladies) 'cos I will be away on this date. Mx

Gardening Scotland, Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June

Royal Highland centre

This 3 day event at Ingliston currently has early bird day tickets for £14 so have bought one (£17 on the day if not sold out). Will decide nearer the time which day to go. There are a variety of other ticket options too: http://www.gardeningscotland.com/tickets/ Lothian Buses ran a special service last year so will look out for that this year. Not everyone's cup of tea but something outdoors for the summer with opportunities for a cuppa and necessary sit downs (assuming summer has arrived that weekend!). Quote from the website 'With more than 400 exhibitors, a Craft Marquee, Plant and Food Theatres and a Plant Fayre, there’s something for everyone at Gardening Scotland.' Hope is of interest and would love some company. Mx

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