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"I've never surfed before" (times will vary depending on high tide)
YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN BOARD, YOU CAN RENT ONE DOWN THE STREET AT DIVA SURF, RUSTY SURF SHOP OR ONE OF THE OTHER SHOPS. GOOGLE THEM FOR THE EXACT ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE NOW HOOKED TO SURFING, I RECOMMEND INVESTING IN A 8-9 LONG FOAM SURFBOARD. WETSUITS ARE RECOMMENDED TO KEEP COMFORTABLE AND WARM. RESEARCH STYLES THAT ARE RIGHT FOR YOU. *****Time will vary depending on high tide, check this page regularly for changes on upcoming Saturday meet up********** This session is designed specifically for those that want to take time learning to surf by mastering the basics. 1 hour of paddling, learning surf etiquette, and focusing on getting super comfortable on the board. What this is not, is learning how to pop-up. So please don't ask when we are going to practice popping up or even going to our knees. That's easy. Learning how to catch most waves correctly, ride the board properly, and stay out of the way of more advanced surfers is the focus here. Then you can take these basics and work on them on your own. The ability to paddle correctly and judge when it's the right time to pop-up, are the 2 key components to learning how to surf. If you have already surfed a few times- you know that missing waves and doing nose dives seem to happen quite often and it's all about paddling and board control. If you are dead set on learning to improve your pop-up, then come to the later session, but you might want to make sure and have A LOT of energy! For the new members of the group, I wanted to give you a short history of this meet up. Scott Batchelor started this meet up in 2011 with the goal to attempt to help you learn how to be safe, to surf, and have fun-regardless of your skill level. We now have close to 6000 members in this meet up. Some of them come and go, then we have our regulars. Batch is in the Coast Guard and was relocated to beautiful Hawaii. In the time he lead this meet up he instructed a number of members that Batch felt comfortable asking them to assist in continuing this Saturday meet up offering lessons. Steve and Eugene will be there regularly. These guys have a love and passion for the water and surfing. What is extra special about them, is the desire to spend time with others teaching them the steps to learn how to become a successful surfer too . We welcome other surfers that have experience to come out and help with instruction. Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday -Carolyn Naylor Look for the tent with the big green, yellow and red flag , there is a picture on the top right of this page. We try to put it near the front of the bathrooms at the North end of the main parking lot. If you're late, well... look for the tent and sit near it because we'll probably be down in the water but I walk back to the tent every 20 minutes or so and will see you if you are by the tent. Here is something new thanks to Kristen- - I HEREBY RELEASE FROM ALL LIABILITY, CLAIMS, DEMANDS, LOSSES, OR DAMAGES IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY THE MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP. By signing up for this meetup, I agree to the following: surfing can be dangerous and cause serious bodily injury or even possibly death. The organizers of this group and it's members will not be held responsible for the actions of any participant at any event. I HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT, I FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS

La Jolla Shores Parking Lot & North Bathrooms

8391 Camino Del Oro · San Diego, CA

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Are you interested in learning how to surf or just try it once? This is the place.


I go by the nickname "Batch" and I have been teaching for years. One day I was teaching a guy to surf, who was visiting from Europe. He had a great time, but I felt so guilty for charging him for the experience because surfing is actually very easy to learn. That day, I thought that if I could afford it one day, I would give lessons for free. Well, now I am fortunate to have a great job, and I can afford to give the lessons for free. I even have my own equipment.


Why else am I doing this? I have to admit, it has been a lot of fun to meet people from all over the world and help them learn how to be safe in the water and learn about a great sport.


What do I think about people charging money for lessons? Go for it!!!! I just prefer to do it for free. Don't hate me surf Instructors/Surf Shops- when people want Coaching tips and equipment, I will send them your way.


I am really interested in working with Hospitals and various groups that feel that surfing may be beneficial to patients, clients, and members. I would like to work with Addiction recovery groups, Youth Service organizations, and foundations for persons with emotional, spiritual, mental and physical difficulties. People may think that it might not be possible to get somebody in the water with various handicaps but you would be surprised. Google it and you'll be amazed.

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