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Surf on Feb 14th- For The Love Of Surfing

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Last year we had a Valentine's Day event at the beach and it was really fun, but it took FOREVER to plan for it and put it together. I am trying to introduce you all not only to surfing but to the life of a surfer. So let's not be so complicated this year and make it FOR THE LOVE OF SURFING! We will start of by meeting at the Shores to surf until around sunset. Then we will go to the store and buy whatever it is that you want to eat and drink. You can use my microwave, oven, stove, or Bar-B-Que. I am going to make myself a Salmon salad- MMmmmm. Oh, and make sure to get your drinks too. After that, we will go to my house to make the food, and guys, we will help get everything ready for the ladies. They can just relax and watch a Chick Flick or maybe some surf videos. We should buy them some chocolate too.

After that, more surf videos or whatever the ladies want to watch. Simple, but memorable.

There's always a catch- GUYS- this is not a "Singles Event". The ladies at this meetup group are telling me that they are here to surf, not to meet guys, and this meetup group was never meant to be a "Singles" group. So keep it cool and respect them. Cool? Ok.