What we're about

I am looking for people who are interested in elevating the West Valley/Surprise area into a leader in innovation and new/old ways of living and working together. I'm looking for entrepreneurial brainiacs and go-getters who have ideas to bring to the table. Let's make our community a frontrunner in healthy eating, healthy living and sustainability practices. We will promote self-awareness and how we affect our environment, small businesses will thrive through buy-local practices, manifesting our own realities with innovation and boldness. I'm looking for fellow partners to create more than a group - to create a movement toward goodness, healthiness, helping each other and giving of our knowledge, time and skills.
Our 'gatherings' will span the spectrum of idea generating & brainstorming sessions, to backing new entrepreneurs who have a plan for 'good' in our area. Local & Organic-based Farmers Markets featuring Home-made & Home-grown & Hand-made. Encouraging Farm-to-Table restaurants, or organic backyard gardening, urban farming, Artistic innovations and natural Healing modalities, Natural & Organic Resource Guide (one of my personal pet projects), grass-roots energy solutions, helping each other through Saturday work parties at each other's homes or businesses, or any other worthwhile endeavor. This group is about Innovation and 'Swarm' Solutions. Finding the best solutions, answers and ideas through a "swarm' of minds. Together, we can find the best answers to nagging issues and gently nurture the people of Surprise and the surrounding Northwest Valley to bring the best and most innovative ideas into fruition to build a self-sustaining microcosm where we give our ideas, time and skills out freely, knowing that karma is a beautiful thing, and we get back what we give ten-fold.

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