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We Have a New Research page functioning at https://grabapen.com .

Our greatest communication tool is the Internet, our greatest information communication platform is also the Internet. There are many great & interesting programming languages & systems that can be designed, built & integrated into our Research Library Storage & Communications Center. There are now so many ways to communicate that there is no reason not to have meetups from anywhere to anywhere at anytime. Bring your programming diversity & add it to our project. My personal favorites are Perl, JavaScript & HTML for the Internet.

This group of programmers will interact with a group of Truth Seekers, giving them a Research, Storage Communications platform & medium that will help them seek out & store the Truths they have & are continuing to seek & find. Many researching is always better than the few, it helps to cut through the clutter & junk out there. Cataloging & storing will help others to find & learn the Truth Threads. You could be a part of their foundation helping them to do more than they ever thought possible due to your organizational skills & efforts.

If you want to stretch your mind we have the projects and ideas to challenge the best & enough patience to work with those wishing to learn. Add your technical diversity to our system be part of something great.

We now have a basic research page that will help the Truth Seekers find and store the information they wish to add to the Research Library Communications Network currently being designed to help and support them

I hope I can bring a new focus to these two potentially great and interesting groups.

Please if you have not gone to our site and followed the link to the FE Research page please do so.

Let’s Talk! Please Read More on what we could do that can and will make a real difference at

https://grabapen.com (https://grabapen.com/) Technology can be fun & interesting giving us a chance to develop & create on the leading edge.

I hope to Meetup with you


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