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When you first consider that the area we call the Earth seems flat, lets say you go to Crescent Beach in White Rock on a clear day with a simple spotting scope you can see the Islands way further than you should see if curvature was a fact.

What do you do? How do you feel once you begin to realize you have been lied to? Surely one of the questions might be "are there others in my area I can talk to?" Yes that is the purpose of this meetup. If you live close to this area we will be arranging meetups to help those who's Earth has just been rearranged. (Even if you are not close we can begin a dialogue, We can email, skype, phone.)

There are many exciting aspects of this that you might find exciting and certainly interesting. Taking any journey begins with a step then another. For me personally I have found myself on paths and in directions I would never have believed would be part of my study.

In time and with friends you might find this is the most wonderful thing that has happened to you and you might begin to wonder why you did not look into this before.

There were two conferences this year which were put on YouTube one in Edmonton one in Denver what I have learned from them is beyond fantastic. I look forward to next year, I cannot and do not wish to do the in depth research and work I feel is necessary for this subject but with a group I am willing to give it my best effort and the time to take this further.

We can seek out the simple duplicatable, repeatable proofs together. Seeing is Believing

Join Us Today - Email me let me know what you want to learn first. I have the resources and experience to make this journey which we will all have to take sooner or later more fun and interesting

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Duplicatable simple tests, repeatable results, answered questions.

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