What we're about

This Meet-up is for qualified, part-qualified or prospective Complementary Practitioners, Therapists and energy healers (and North Surrey venue providers) and practising spiritual healers/readers to get together, collaborate, support, network and hold healing shares. Sometimes we will meet at a sacred site and connect with nature.

Start-ups and established practitioners are welcome.

The emphasis is on collaboration and support - this is not a competitive environment.

This group is new and until it is fully operational, the full range of Meetup themes are not uploaded.

We also have a London based version of this group (https://www.meetup.com/London-Therapists-Energy-Healers-Community-Hub-Meetup/), of this appeals please join that also.

There will be:
* networking opportunities
* sharing of business marketing ideas
* workshop events (some with CPD) including violet flame, past-lives, Egyptian alchemy, angels
* introductory training on various modalities including angels, crystals, sound, alchemy healing, working with Egyptian Deities & Goddess energy
* healing shares
* leyline and synchonicity walks
* and much more.

Upcoming events (5+)

Reyad Sekh Em (RSE) Egyptian Alchemy Healing Level 1 - Intro, 28th/29th Jan

Reyad Sekh Em® (RSE) is an ultra high vibrational Egyptian Alchemy healing system which harnesses the angelic elemental healing rays of earth, air, fire, water and spirit with etheric crystalline energies plus sound vibration and sacred breathing. At Level One, two personal attunements are included: (i) Reyad Sekh Em Level 1 (Kheper - the Scarab) as well as (ii) the Violet Flame of Amenti. There is an introduction to Khemitology (Ancient Egyptian Philosophies according to the local wisdom keepers) and Essene Angelology, working with the elemental healing angels, understanding Will & Intent and Thoth's Law of Three, calming meditations, a brief overview of chakras, self-healing techniques and conducting a seated healing. Reyad Sekh Em can be learned as a natural progression from Reiki, although others learn the system having never felt drawn to learn Reiki. It is a deep system, which for many people, leads to advancement on their personal healing journey and a spiritual awakening, hence most students are not beginners and many are already Masters of other energy healing systems, though this isn't a pre-requisite. The Ancient Egyptians (who called themselves Khemitians) identified five stages of life, each one of which was represented by a sacred symbol: Dawn known as Kheper (re-birth), high noon known as Ra (inner child), the afternoon sun was Oon (the scholar), full afternoon sun Aten (the wisdom-keeper) and finally at dusk Amen (the hidden or veil). 'Initiations' are given into Reyad Sekh Em by placing these sacred symbols (Kheper, Ra, Oon, Aten and Amen, one at each training Level 1-5; where Level 2 is the Practitioner level) into the aura at specific chakra points, opening the body to the angelic elemental healing rays of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. These symbols manifest in a dimension normally outside our awareness causing a change in the energy field. Our own vibrational state is enhanced to bring awareness of other dimensions and accept the loving guidance of the life-forces within them. This course is ideal for other Practitioners wanting an induction into this exciting and profound healing modality, and is also registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) being valued at 16 CMA CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours. Suitable for self-empowerment as well as for use on others. Advance booking essential as this is a certificated course (recognised by CMA for 16 CPD hours) and a manual is provided. Cost is £200 + £10 PayPal booking fee. You can save the PayPal fee by booking via bank trasfer - details at https://harmonyhealing.co.uk/harmony-services/harmony-training/reyad-sekh-em/level-1-intro

Celebration of Imbolc, Walton-on-Thames

Harmony Healing


Last year (2018), I attended a ceremony in London with Christopher Street (author of London Leylines; Pathways of Enlightenment), Marion Briggs and others for Imbolc/Candlemas/St Brigits Day. We were working near the old sacred well at St Brides Church and the point where the River Fleet meets the River Thames at Blackfriars. Chris gave me a couple of Druid water blessing incantations to include in our 2019 ceremony. Please do bring along some water from your local river, pond, garden, rain butt or tap if you wish (glass jar/bottle preferred), but don't worry if you don't have time to collect any. I will collect some water either from the Thames at Walton or another local/sacred source for the ceremony. Imbolc is one of the four Great Celtic Festivals, which is a Pagan, Wiccan, Gaelic (Imbolg) and Druid Festival of Fertility and Growing Light. Imbolc (pronounced EE-molk) is the old Celtic word, the celebration is also known as Candlemas. Traditionally it is a fire festival. *Crystals associated with fire (for the purposes of today's agenda) include amber, orange calcite, aventurine, goldstone, citrine, tiger's eye, jasper or any orange (ideal), yellow or red stones. You can also use the metal gold, so a small piece of gold jewellery would work. Imbolc is sacred to the Goddess Brigit or Bridie, the power of the new moon, the Spring of the year, the flowing sea, corn dollies and the Great Moon Mother - Patroness of Poetry Making and Healing. Brigid is a triple Goddess, so she can be honoured in all her aspects, she is associated with fire, fertility, midwifery and the young. Due to Brighid's association with the moon, water crystals will also be relevant. *Crystals associated with water and or the moon (for the purposes of today's agenda) include aquamarine, turquoise, larimar, apopholite, malachite, emerald, moonsone, selenite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, sapphire, azurite, blue tiger's eye, quartz (especially clear, milky or smoky), blue lace agate, or any clear, milky, blue, green or turquoise stone. You can also use the metal silver, so a small piece of silver jewellery would work. Bring your favourite crystal(s) with you - ideally including an example of a fire or water affiliated crystal/metal as detailed above. If you don't have anything relevant to bring, use your intuition to bring along another relic or else don't worry as I will show you how to work with 'etheric' (imaginary) crystal/metal. There may also be a few tumblestones for sale. Cost for the session is £15 on the door (or £10 if paid in advance). Reminder for the address: 23 Severn Drive, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 3BH. Mob:[masked]. Sat Navs often identify the wrong bit of the road, we're the only only house on one side of the road between two sharp bends. My black Galaxy - AJ02 DKE - will be parked on the drive. Number 23 is on the front door, see attached directions for full details. There are marked parking bays close to our house and in the cul-de-sac next to us. Cash payment of £15 on the door or £10 if paid in advance.

Violet Flame of Amenti Workshop, Walton-on-Thames

Harmony Healing


Used for spiritual alchemy and transmutation, the Violet Flame has long been revered as a potent form of protection. During this interactive training session, you will learn how to utilise this versatile alchemical antiseptic to improve your environment and life circumstances. The colour violet has an established association with spirituality. Having the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, violet is at the point of transition to the next octave of light. During the pre-Dynastic period of Khem (Ancient Egypt), the Violet Flame of Amenti was ruled by the Deities Ausar (also known as Wzr or Osirus), brandished by Sekhmet, and made freely available to Akhenaton. Both in Atlantis, and subsequently during the Essene era (which spanned the lifetimes of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene), this powerful tool was retained under the Guardianship of Angels Melchisadec and Ariel. Saints and adepts throughout the ages, including the great Alchemist and Wizard Merlin, have known how to wield the violet flame, but humanity was only recently considered worthy of its powers under the strict supervision of an Ascended Master called Saint Germain. Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who were once incarnate on earth but have resolved all of their karma and successfully fulfilled their soul purpose. The violet flame has the power to erase, or transmute the cause, the effect, and even the memory of our past mistakes. Transmutation means to change from one form, nature, substance or state into another. The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, destiny into opportunity. The flame even erases the consequential bad karma of our misdemeanours. Usual Cost = £88 per person, use the PayPal link below (or make an online transfer to save PayPal fees) to book. Violet Flame Course @ £88 + £4 PayPal fee - go to https://harmonyhealing.co.uk/harmony-services/harmony-training/violet-flame-of-amenti for other payment options. Advance booking essential as this is a certificated course and a manual is provided.

Surrey Healing Share, Walton-on-Thames

Harmony Healing


We will just chat, network and share healing skills by offering seated healings to anyone who wants one. If your healing modality doesn't lend itself to a share in this format, please come anyway as the idea is to connect, and where desired, collaborate with other therapists and healers. Feel free to bring a guest (they can be a qualified/prospective therapist in the broadest sense). Cash payment of £20 on the door or £10 if paid in advance.

Past events (9)

Christmas Gathering, Healing Share & Book Sale

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