Connecting with the Elemental Guardians & Nature Angels

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Seale Natural Health

Manor Farm Craft Centre, Wood Lane Seale · Farnham

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Seale is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in the Surrey Hills, just off the Hogs Back, easily accessible, with links to the A31 and the A3.

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Connecting with the Elemental Guardians and Nature Angels - £21.55 per person

Are you open to the idea of angels but would appreciate another (non-religious) explanation on who/what they are?
This evening we will discuss how they might just be envisaged as high frequency light beings.

Furthermore, if you are one of those who are unable to see them, Joanna will explain how that very frustration led her sister Angela McGerr (yes she was named Angela at birth!) to create a 21st Century approach to angelology including a way of invoking angels feeling them around you. Angela is now a UK best seller in this niche market (almost one million copies sold), with 10 published books on angelology.

Tonight we will briefly introduce the Elemental Guardians and Nature Angels, call them in and find out how to familiarise yourself with their energy and attributes.

Everybody will learn their own elemental guardian angel for the day they were born and can also choose an angel card to establish if any other angels are keen to be of assistance at this time.

We will be working with two nature angels (Achaiah - Angel of Nature's secrets and Aratron - Angel of Nature's Magic) plus, time permitting, introducing some of the following angel guardians: rivers, rain, winds, mountains, sky, trees, plants, birds, wild animals, meteors etc.

NB: Please book well in advance, we may change the venue locally if demand dictates, you will be informed in good time.

Optional extras: Attendees can commission a personal reference chart to detail his/her personal weekday, zodiac and elemental angel with details of how to work more closely with each. £25 (normally £40) if booked and paid for on the night (cash please).

Personal attunements into the three guardians as detailed above are also available for £25 if booked and paid on the night.

Both of the above for £45 if booked and paid on the night.

There will also be a few collectible signed Angela McGerr books (out of print and some titles are pretty scarce now) plus some pre-loved editions, checked as complete. Costs vary.

Joanna is a professional healer specialising in practising & teaching RSE (Reyad Sekh Em Egyptian) Alchemy Healing which includes angels, cystals, sound. She is a Senior Associate of the RSM & has been teaching healing since 1999.

Image of Ariel is by Richard Rockwood, shown on the relevant page of Angela McGerr's Harmony Angel Cards, published by Quadrille.

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