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This is a group for those who want to feel more empowered and secure, particularly in the outdoors and emergency situations. We will support and instruct each other in skills like: choosing, sharpening, and maintaining a knife, knot tying, shelter building, fire building, finding and purifying water, emergency signaling skills, map and compass use, natural navigation and movement techniques, preparing survival kits and bug-out bags for emergency situations, and other such skills. We will share our experiences in the outdoors and learn from each others successes and mistakes. These Meetups will have both free and paid classes with regular free Meetups every first and third Wednesday of the month.

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Survive and Thrive bi-monthly Meetup, topic: Solo Backpacking Concepts!

Edgewater Library - Jefferson County Public Library

Going solo into the wilderness has resulted in some of the most challenging, rewarding, and terrifying experiences of my life. There is something supremely freeing and empowering in heading off on my own, often to the bewildered looks of friends and family. It takes self-sufficiency to another level, and not just in the physical realm. The world becomes more intimate and more vast at the same time. I could not have those experiences with other humans present. It's the ultimate in ME time. So how does one prepare for this kind of undertaking? How can we get the most out of this unique brand of precious alone time? Let's explore the different aspects of preparing for and living for a time alone in the wilderness!

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Survive and Thrive bi-monthly Meetup! Topic: Survival Stories and lessons!

Jefferson County Public Library - Belmar Library

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