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Let's face it, auditions are a pain. You show up early in the morning to get on a list. You wait for the majority of the day without the promise of being seen. It's high emotional stress. And if you do get seen, a group of 5 people stare at you from behind a desk with a look on their face that suggests you might be crazy. That is if they look up at you at all from whatever it is they're writing on their pad. That's why having your audition material needs to be well rehearsed and ready to go every time you walk into an audition. If you haven't performed your audition materials in weeks, you've got to take it for a spin before you walk into that next audition that could take your career to the next level. We will meet regularly. We will begin with a quick shmooze where we will invite everyone to share their positive or negative experiences at an audition, gig, or production. And then we will perform our audition materials for each other and give each other feedback. No one is obligated to perform. You can just come and watch others. And when you need an audience to get your monologue or song up to snuff, we will be there for you. You can also bring sides for an upcoming audition and we will read it with you so you can prepare your performance.

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