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Interior Design...The Expression of Your Interior Design in Form:All About Color
All about Color. Knowledge of how, when and where to choose colors is imperative when it comes to design of any kind. there are also many deeper meaning you may not be aware of as far as the importance and role of color in your life. Join me for the first week in the color series. Feel free to make use of my 22 years experience during this event. Come explore the rainbow with me. Susan Newton, Internationally Known Author Speaker life Empowerment Mentor and Medium/mediator. Certified in NLP and Stress Management. Susan is a Mother of 4 and Grandmother of 2. As a single parent at age 34 she started an Interior Design Business called Decorative Solutions, Her natural ability, faith and commitment lead 18 years of residential and commercial business with multiple return clients. Over the years Her work has been featured in multiple Parade of Homes , Model Homes, magazines and news papers and has worked closely with numerous local builders. Susan has spoken at events and taught many classes throughout her 18 years as well. Susan's Speaking, Life Empowerment Mentoring business and books she has written, were born from the Interior Design business. As with everything else in her world, it seems to be all very connected and supportive one of the other, Susan's expertise in her field was born out of a God given gift and nurtured through her experience and commitment over the years. Always looking to improve, Susan has a wealth of information to share with regard to a beautiful timeless classic and custom end result, bringing to life the unique expression of "you" in form. Creating a space you enjoy living in. Known for her subtle faux finishes, she is unique in that she does all of her own work and in installations along with the Interior design. Your home is an external expression of your internal world. Its a very important part of your life and believe it or not, contributes to you spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. The dynamic of all your relationships play out in the decorating, living, cleaning, size, location and style of your home. " Join Susan as she shares all she knows from her field of expertise. Each month will be a different with plenty of time for as many questions as you would like to ask. Perfect for DIY's, people who want to hire the work out needing to know what to look for, people wanting to start a business of their own and people who have a business wanting to add another service.

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    Susan Fay Newton invites you to step into you're "Empowerment Through Presence" Susan's Messages of Empowerment facilitate emotional health, relationship health and communication skills, through spiritual enlightenment. Getting to know yourself and others through fresh perspectives of unconditional love, facilitates the resonance with and awareness of God's love and blessings in your life! Discover how to lead your life with an open heart empowered through presence. Wake up to all that you are choosing for yourself and discover what’s working and what’s not. Learn new and different ways of interacting with your life circumstances and shift change your experience. Expand your consciousness as you learn how to open your heart to the Big Picture! "Be" the empowered, loving and surefooted steward of the life experience youve been gifted, in EVERY circumstance and relationship you encounter. Susan enjoys facilitating for you as you discover a whole new form of self help. As you learn how to become present, aware, embracing and honest in all areas of life, the gifts within flow more freely through your open heart. The awakening and remembrance of your divine spark becomes the peaceful empowerment you live with on a daily basis. Join the growing number of individuals who are choosing to have a loving relationship with themselves as they experience God's love to them through them and of them. You become your own facilitator for unconditionally loving relationships with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your life. Susan is an Internationally known Speaker, Author, Relationship and Life-Empowerment Mentor and communicstions specialist. She facilitates your awakening to the guidance that is only yours to discover.

    You will learn how to become the present moment bridge between past and future that exists in every second, through communication techniques that expand your levels of consciousness. Discover how to activate your senses/sensory perceptions to more expanded levels so that your spiritual guidance system (SGS) becomes an active part of your awareness!!! You will be invited to take responsibility for you and how you show up in your world!!! You will be invited to be the observer of your life and all of your choices. Take responsibility and look at the story you're choosing to tell and if it's in alignment with the divine you. Everyone is a part of the collective consciousness we live in, including everyone who came before us. In short, Susan is inviting you to show up in a more awakened state of Being and integrate some very effective tools that will have a profound affect on your life experience.

    There is a beautiful alternative to the manipulation, avoidance behavior, lies and secrets, judgement and fears. These qualities have run rampant for years in the role of victim. Step up to the plate and address your own emotions and fears. Make the choice to end the old patterns so that your children don't have to spend their life time doing your work. Do You have secrets that you're keeping from those in your intimate circle of life? Do you avoid communicating honestly with your friends and family. Are you addressing your emotions as they arise? Do you blame your emotions on other people? Do you have relationships in your life that you are unhappy with? Are you able to communicate with you before you communicate with another? There are those who still choose to experience “it’s happening to me”(victim mode), in which case you exist in a space and time of going outside of yourself for validation, answers, advice, readings, approval, disapproval, permission, praise, love, support and so on. I speak of unconditional love, empowerment, peace and joy, sharing with you how to access and make use of your inherent empowered place of existence, while experiencing this place and time! It is my pleasure and desire to assist you in stepping out of victim mode and into “it is what it is". How can I move through it into something more enhancing to my life and thus more enhancing to all who are in my life. This is Empowerment Through Presence!!! I can assure you that Empowerment Through Presence is a different “role“ to play and thus has a much different script, choreography, and arrangement. It is my joy and pleasure to assist those who are choosing it, to discover the freeing and peaceful experience this form of living can allow. You will discover that the outer validation, answers, readings, approval, disapproval, permission, praise, love, support and so on that you were once seeking, exists first within you. What is within also appears outside of you, for it truly is all one!

    If you are seeking what appears to be outside of you as the true essence of what is within, I would like to share, you will be deceived! By this I mean that your outer experience is there for you to interact with, not always to count on as a place of honesty for “your answers”. Nor is this the place where the answers exist in service to your highest good. Your outer experience is a collection of everyone’s inner experience and is being projected out onto a stage of consciousness. This stage is ever changing and malleable in relationship to everyone’s choices, not just yours. Although it is accurate that you are one with the whole, you are also your own unique part of the whole that functions most efficiently, when permitted by you, to be its fullest expression of that uniqueness. The essence of honesty exists in your heart where all of your emotions dwell, where God's love flows freely with empowered compassion.

    I am inviting you to begin Now, in the presence of the moment where all things exist. All of the parts of yourself are within you/of you. You experience your outer world in direct relationship to your inner world. Take responsibility for your emotions as they arise. Learn to love all of the parts of you and you will learn to honor all that is. Your unique individual service to your higher self, mankind, and "all that is" exists in your heart. Give yourself permission to connect to those Divine aspects of you, that only you can discover…NO ONE ELSE CAN DISCOVER THEM FOR YOU!!!!! You are the only one who can choose for yourself! Are you still choosing to ask for another to shed light on your life for you, to tell you if you are in the right relationship; are you in the right career; should you do this or that; is it time for this or that; will I be supported if I do this…..and on and on and on!!!! Are you ready to learn how to include what you experience in your “outer” world into your inner experience and evolvement, rather than going to your outer world for the answers to what has always existed with in you? This part of the expression of you has lay dormant patiently awaiting your discovery of it.

    This knowing is the first step onto the present moment bridge, for it allows you to remember that everything comes from within, including what appears to be without. If you are reading this, your Divine Self is sharing with you that there is another way and possibly it is time for you to discover if this is the way that works for you!!! I invite you to experience a wonderful, beautiful, divine perception of yourself that can become an empowering way of life for you. First in your relationship with you and then in your relationship with everyone and everything, all this from a foundation of God's unconditional love of us all! Love and Light Susan Fay Newton

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