April 2020 Meetup - Azure Exams Discussion - How To Choose, Study & Sit!

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With a lockdown in place across most of the world at the moment due to COVID-19, you probably have a bit more spare time than usual available. Why not use that time to get yourself that Azure certification you've always wanted to do!

In this virtual meetup we will discuss all things exams & certifications!

Jack & Ryan will be joined by Paul Grimley (Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft) to discuss how each of them choose, study and take exams. Also how each of them deal with failure and turn it into a positive in the exam taking process.

If you have a question you want us to answer and discuss please use the form here to submit it to us: https://sussexazure.uk/examqs

We will be running this via Teams again, but just as a normal meeting this time, so please join muted and turn your webcam off to ensure everyone has a good connection throughout the meetup.

Wednesday 8th April 2020

20:00 - 21:30 (UK Time) - Azure Exams & Certifications Discussion - Hosted by Jack, Ryan & Paul Grimley


Browse to https://sussexazure.uk/live just before 20:00 (UK Time) and you will be admitted to the Teams meeting!

This will also be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel which can be found here: https://sussexazure.uk/youtube

See you all there (virtually)!

Jack & Ryan