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What we’re about

Do you enjoy being outdoors, camping, cooking on an open fire? Well come and join us, learn new skills, share skills and enjoy the wonderful Sussex countryside.

Into The Woods Bushcraft  aims to give people access to the outdoors in a safe and friendly way so that they can gain skills and experience in outdoor living and the natural world. Based in Sussex, we have a dedicated site near Horsham where you can enjoy nature and learn new skills.

Bushcraft is a term often used to describe skills that allow us to live comfortably outdoors, using natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner. Learning and practicing Bushcraft is an empowering experience especially for those of us that spend the majority of our times indoors.

Our group covers things like:

    Basic Bushcraft - Fire lighting, ways of making flame including fire-by-friction, how to get potable water, shelter building, cooking, cordage, etc.

    Living Outdoors - Camping, eating, use of tools, cleaning, basic first aid, etc.

    Camp Craft - spoon carving, bowl carving, whittling, bark use, cordage, etc.

    Navigation - Orienteering, finding your way using various methods; map & compass, GPS and natural navigation

    Conservation - Nature conservation, sustainability, basic woodland management, etc.

    Appreciating Nature - Photography, nature watch, plant and tree identification, tracking, plant and tree uses

To find out more, please check out our website, (under construction)and join us on Facebook,