What we're about

Sustain DuPage is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit creating opportunities to learn and live DuPage sustainability culture.

Local economies are suffering, democracy is at stake, and scientists are telling us that our ecosystem might collapse.

This is because our entire society has been designed to perpetuate radical consumption.

What we need now is a complete metamorphosis.

We need to design a completely new way of life.

We need a sustainability culture.

That’s why we created Sustain DuPage.

Our nonprofit is a local platform for transformative action.

We’re building a new culture: a DuPage sustainability culture.

We are strengthening our regional economy, taking back our government, and preparing our communities for the dangers of climate change.

But seriously though, what do you actually “Du?”

We created five projects to achieve our mission of creating the DuPage sustainability culture we described above.

We call these our “Mission Projects.”

We are artists and artisans practicing sustainability within our art and artisanry, and we are using that art and artisanry to communicate environmental values and philosophy.

Join our Creators facebook group here! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/sustaindupagecreators/)

We are a coalition of NGOs, DuPage Environmental Commissions & Committees of DuPage, and everyday citizens. Sustain DuPage organizes quarterly meetings to ensure cohesive vision and communication between the DuPage sustainability movement's various stakeholders. In order to comply with the Open Meetings Act, we use our facebook page to communicate about our upcoming events.

We grow food communally (all responsibility and abundance is shared equitably) in Wheaton, Illinois with regular hosting of cooking nights.

Join our Gardeners facebook group for updates! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/sustaindupagegardeners/)

We are transforming seven acres of mostly buckthorn (a plant species out of balance with our local ecosystem) into an oak woodland planting which will provide maximum native biodiversity and food for humans and other lifeforms.

Join our Protectors facebook group for updates! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/sustaindupageprotectors/)

We host regular reading group discussions focused on sustainability literature like books, articles, essays, and poetry. We hope to hone our critical dialogue skills to strengthen our community understanding and progress.

Join our Turners facebook group for updates! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SustainDuPageTurners/)

We hope you join our community and eco-movement!

More information at http://www.sustaindupage.com or on our Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/sustaindupage) or Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/sustaindupage)!

Upcoming events (3)

SD Creators' Meeting

Glen Ellyn Public Library

Hi Creators! Bring your ideas and/or help generate new ones for Earth Day! Our theme is Easy Sustainability. We are starting small and building steam! Join us! The Sustain DuPage Creators are artists and artisans using sustainable art and artisanry to communicate environmental values and philosophy. No previous skill is necessary! Go to www.sustaindupage.com/creators for more information!

Squirrelnest: All Volunteer Meeting!

89 Newton Ave

Sustain DuPage Organizers and Sustain DuPage volunteers (as well as anyone else who wants to attend) are invited to participate in this meeting to review what we think is working well with Sustain DuPage as well as ways that we can see potential new growth! This is our opportunity to discuss workflow, group process, visions for transformation, project and event proposals, other community events, or anything else that comes to mind. If you'd like to add to the agenda for the meeting, you can find it here (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tLsYiVNC8yeM2Of-rMO_BKlf_R5Y0xhM0g-ziXJ-Tyw/edit?usp=sharing)

Sustain DuPage Concert Fundraiser!

The Gathering Lighthouse

"Something Different" is a group who formed in 2014 as a way to show the versatility of the Native American Flute. Pat Smith and Karen Tlusty-Rissman play flutes to the accompaniment of John Rissman’s skillful guitar, ukulele, bouzouki and didgeridoo. Their compositions include blues, ballads, Latin, Middle Eastern and other musical genres. It is their greatest joy to share original music that celebrates all cultures, aaaaaand... they are putting on a fundraiser concert with FIFTY PERCENT of funds raised going directly toward Sustain DuPage's mission of creating opportunities to learn and live DuPage sustainability culture! Sustain DuPage's own David Bravos will be opening the set with some of his quirky and moving musical stylings, and ANOTHER Sustain DuPage volunteer, Jackie Harris, will also be singing a song from her new original album! $20 ticket at the door- see you there DuPagers!

Past events (185)

Protectors Planting Workday

Sustain DuPage Victory Garden @ The Theosophical Society

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