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Are you passionate about finding practical solutions for the environmental challenges and creating values for organizations and customers? Did you know that most of the Fortune 500 companies publish annual Sustainability/CSR reports? Do you want to expand your network in the environmental industry?

The goal of the Sustainability Consultant Network is to share with all members the best practices in the sustainability field, create a network of fellow environmental professionals, and to find ways to increase customers' awareness for environmental-preferred products and services. We do cool things like analyzing sustainability reports, looking at case studies, investigating eco-marketing campaigns, and discussing current events. We also invite speakers from various organizations to talk about their initiatives.

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Prosperity Without Growth report and Post-Growth discussion

Centre for Social Innovation - Spadina


Are there limits to growth? Every year countries and companies are chasing economical growth. At the same time, although increased use of renewable resources and improved efficiency and technologies, so far it is still not possible to decouple economical growth and the use of resources. Noticing that we have finite resources on this planet, are we fooling ourselves by building everything based on the assumption that there is no limits to growth? We would like to invite you to explore this huge elephant in the room - first we will present some findings from the report "Prosperity Without Growth" by Tim Jackson from the Sustainable Development Commission in the UK, then there will be discussions with the attendees on whether or not infinite growth is possible and also various options for post-growth economy. Event details CSI Spadina Room F on 3rd floor Tues Feb 19 6:00-7:30pm Light refreshments will be served The event space is accessible! More info Prosperity Without Growth is a book by author and economist Tim Jackson. It was originally released as a report by the Sustainable Development Commission. The study rapidly became the most downloaded report in the Commission's nine-year history when it was published in 2009. The report was later that year reworked and published as a book by Earthscan.

Let's discuss and visit Sustainable initiatives /cities around the world

This is more of a general posting to see who is interested in discussing Sustainable initiatives going on around the world: Areas of interest can include: Architecture, buildings, city planning, food, eco villages, energy use-age, technology etc. We can discuss the options that are out there and possible plan to visit some of them either individually or as a group. We will use this meet-up for an initial discussion. If there is enough interest we can meet to have deeper discussions. Thanks

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